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Takeover Sports focuses on helping athletes achieve their maximum potential, but maximizing speed. Through a combination of weight training, mechanics refinement and running repetition, Team Takeover students develop short and long-term programs to help them meet their goals. This can be done in individual or group settings, tailored to best fit each athlete’s needs. Takeover founder Ryan Connor has worked with athletes from all sports and can further cultivate a plan to deliver performance improvement specific to any field or surface.    

GROUP Training

The majority of Team Takeover athletes participate in group sessions. Two or more are run daily and provide the most cost effective way for students to consistently drive improvement. We believe that group sessions provide motivation and cumulative learning that can’t easily be replicated in 1:1 scenarios. 


For athlete’s working on very specific techniques, or simply looking to take their training to the next level, private sessions are recommended. Takeover trainers are able to build a session exclusively to the agreed upon goals and  benchmark progress on key metrics to ensure an athlete’s growth. 


With the TeamBuildr app already in place, Takeover has long incorporate self-driven progress with the use of virtual tools. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan Connor and his team have become adept at supporting virtual training sessions using online meeting tools. 


“I was looking for someone to help me take my soccer game to the next level. When I found Ryan, I just knew I wanted to be faster. But what I got was more than speed coach. Ryan has been an all-around coach, helping me not only improve my speed, but also helping me think about setting goals on and off the field.”

Kendall Malmros

“Ryan and I started working together when I was ten. Six years later, I committed to play Division One baseball at South Carolina. He taught me what it would take to be successful, then helped me build a plan to get there. I’ve grown up with Takeover Sports in my life and other athletes should too.”

Eddie Copper