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Athletes have to work harder now than ever to get noticed!

Without making a change, nothing can improve...

  • Have you been told your kid is out of shape?

  • Has a coach passed them over for someone more physical?

  • Do they lack the speed to separate themselves from opponents?

  • Could they use a boost in confidence by improving the way they move?

Come Fly With Us!

Separate yourself from the pack

  • Get faster and improve your footwork

  • Have the confidence needed to make the play to WIN

  • Become a more efficient runner

  • Get recognized by your coach and coaches at the next level

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What athletes and parents have been saying about us for years...

If you feel slow, un-coordinated or embarrassed by your performance on the field, at Takeover Sports we understand your frustration. Have you been told by your coaches you need to get faster to get more playing time but you aren't sure how? We can help.

Making positive changes to HOW you are running and the way you move improves speed the most, and it is our specialty.

Coach Ryan Connor has been a sports performance coach with a focus in helping athletes with speed training since 2015.

"As an athlete, I never knew why I was slow sometimes and fast other times. My curiosity led to investigation and training experiments on myself. After starting to train athletes professionally, the obsession with speed and higher level performance has never stopped and led to constant study in my pursuit of the best results possible for our athletes."


Prior to opening at our original location in 2018, Ryan was a high school basketball and lacrosse strength & conditioning coach, and strength & conditioning director for an elite hockey organization. Ryan has helped hundreds of athletes prepare for combines, showcases, and seasons, and is certified by the USATF.

I’m Jamira or Coach Jam. Growing up I played basketball, softball, and lacrosse. I was very passionate about lacrosse so I continued to play in college. For my first 3 years I went to Winthrop University and played D1 lacrosse and studied exercise science. Spring 2023 I graduated from Notre Dame College in Ohio with a degree in exercise science and business administration and I also played D2 lacrosse there.

As a coach, I love training athletes because it allows me to witness their growth and development firsthand. Seeing my athletes push themselves to reach their goals and achieve success is incredibly rewarding. The bond that is formed between coach and athlete is unique and special, as we work together towards a common goal. Training athletes also allows me to share my passion for sports and fitness with others, inspiring them to lead healthier lifestyles. Ultimately, coaching provides me with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of my athletes both on and off the field.


Located in Bucks County, PA. Takeover Sports offers performance training and services for all ages. If getting faster or stronger is important to you, we can help.


Speed & Agility

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